urban decay

by amelie riis


At last, another update!

There are now several locations in the US asylums section.  The US has some of the most beautiful decaying buildings that I have been fortunate enough to see.  It seems that many of them closed in the 70s/80s, and were simply locked up for decades, complete with all their contents.

Greystone Psychiatric Center - Part 1

Greystone Psychiatric Center - Part 2

New York State Hospital 1

New York State Hospital 2

Massachussetts State Hospital 1

New Jersey State Hospital 1

A new dawn

Loving the new look of my website!  At the moment, i've only uploaded pictures from my old site, but there will be new additions over the next few weeks and months.  I have a backlog of over seven years of photos to add from uk and us asylums plus many more random places from my travels in search of beautiful abandonments.